so i can now sing along to “ah! lève-toi soleil!” without mumbling all the words that aren’t "ah! lève-toi soleil!” in what is undoubtedly an offensive french accent.


Theme Song: February 2012

i maintain that the internet makes kids better. i would have been better/would have grown more (and cooler) if i had had the entirety of the internet at my disposal, and not just the bits that came through my dial-up/NetZero connection. working with kids at tech camp the past few years has helped this thought crystalize in my head. if anyone still wants to bemoan “the good old days”, they have quite an argument stacked against them. maybe (probably) kids aren’t riding bikes like they used to, but now they are able to access the entire body of work of anyone that interests them. any facet of the human experience that they want to learn more about, any obscure cranny of science that they long to understand, it’s all only a google away. i could only hope to be as cool and culturally-aware and well-adjusted as this young lady at her age. at her age, i was still trying to figure out what “a/s/l” meant in AOL chatrooms when i had sleepovers with my friends…

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so i was inspired at work so i made dis.



5 people cover “somebody that i used to know”…all on one guitar.


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having one of these delicious babies. reminiscing about drinking these back in the day when ethan worked at clocked, and would sometimes hang a celebrator goat from his septum ring.  on special occasions. 


so i went to see sherlock holmes: pre-cognizant cage fighter with my family and the only part i really enjoyed was the five minutes spent at l’opéra national during a performance of don giovanni. they used the commendatore scene in which don giovanni provokes the statue of a dead man, the statue comes to life, and don giovanni gets dragged to hell for being a cocky womanizer. clearly the best. in this performance he kinda just falls into hell but the commendatore is good. merry xmas!


It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M

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will someone please give me this? so i can wear it forever?


Teen Girl Squad 9

"then crazy learners permit girl gave me a ride to babbages.” i saw a chick driving around today with le tigre, TGS, and NPR bumper stickers today, what can i say?

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American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

i still really want to go to the gathering. maybe next year. phil would have to come along as my research partner.

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clickety clacking my way through the day.

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