NYE 2K11

cannot wait. going to see big freedia and turquoise jeep where i’m sure there will be a booty drop to ring in the new year. 2012 is going to be the best one yet, i can feel it. sometimes being a real grown up is kinda the worst, but i’ve decided i got through the terrible bits this last year. 2012 is going to be all about amazing. being present and taking care of myself. giving myself permission to make mistakes. being brave and going for it. 

no new years kiss could be sweeter than the sigh of relief i’ll heave when 2011 is finally behind me. 


having a martini with jalapeno-stuffed olives, catching up on podcasts, rearranging the contents of my kitchen. turns out a guy who no longer works at my company still has a W subscription delivered there, so the office manager assumed (correctly) that i might want them. i’ll probably curl up on my fabulous couch later and read the january edition while listening to this jangly old country playlist i found on spotify. going home for the holidays was really fantastic, but i love not having any plans and getting to hang out with myself. i’m one of the coolest people i know. 

ryan gosling + big freedia at funfunfunfest!! UGH i am SO UPSET i didn’t get to see her play last night

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it’s the texas state capital, it’s not this trippy in person i swear. the inlay on the bottom floor is the symbols of the five sovereign entities who have controlled the republic of texas throughout the years; france, spain, mexico, the confederate states of america, the united states of america.

How to be classy in three easy steps:



  1. Open this tab.
  2. Open this tab.
  3. Open this tab.

I can feel myself getting richer. 

this is making me really happy. i haven’t had a rainy day in so long!

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that is approximately 1,000 miles further away than i have ever lived from my home state.


clickety clacking my way through the day.

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