having a martini with jalapeno-stuffed olives, catching up on podcasts, rearranging the contents of my kitchen. turns out a guy who no longer works at my company still has a W subscription delivered there, so the office manager assumed (correctly) that i might want them. i’ll probably curl up on my fabulous couch later and read the january edition while listening to this jangly old country playlist i found on spotify. going home for the holidays was really fantastic, but i love not having any plans and getting to hang out with myself. i’m one of the coolest people i know. 

he went there.

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will someone please give me this? so i can wear it forever?


  • Mark: C.J., it's Friday night, I'm supposed to have dinner with my girlfriend. She's gonna kill me.
  • C.J.: Yeah, but you know what, Mark? This is just the kind of thing that can cleanse the palate of a relationship that's gone stale, like a fine sorbet.
  • Mark: We've been going out for three weeks.
  • C.J.: And she's already bitching about dinner?
  • Mark: C.J....
  • C.J.: Lose her.

srsly how can you not luv that????

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i love cacharel, liberte has been my scent for several years now. someone lend me $525 so i can take these home?

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this is exactly how i felt trying to play FFVII recently. the pixels are the size of hams

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you mess with my people, you get the CLAWS

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clickety clacking my way through the day.

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