i usually don’t care for youtube beauty tutorials, nor do i style my hair with any frequency, but i love sock bun girl. she’s fantastic.

"oh. look at how much i care about that you’re saying to me right now. i’m in a hammock, with flawless hair and makeup, surrounded by handsomely gloved hands, most likely on equally handsome people."

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Alex Winston: Velvet Elvis

i was san for halloween two years ago, i’m not sure if i can come up with anything more fun/badass than that… i got to wear face paint and fake wolf fur!

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Charlotte Gainsbourg: Terrible Angels

love love. her outfit is going to be my uniform this fall. suede ankle boots, here i come

Marina and the Diamonds: Fear and Loathing


scene from Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance, commissioned piece by the great Hellen Jo

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kathleen hanna on how she wrote “smells like teen spirit” on kurt cobain’s walls, one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. everyone has an eddie from muttonchops in their lives. i wonder if this is actually their myspace. a band named muttonchops would have a myspace.


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