"if you go around saying someone’s a slag, you’re gonna get a slap" - kelly

i’m so glad misfits is all on hulu. perfect fort tv!

How to be classy in three easy steps:



  1. Open this tab.
  2. Open this tab.
  3. Open this tab.

I can feel myself getting richer. 

this is making me really happy. i haven’t had a rainy day in so long!

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why do i love these things so much? how can you put a diamond ring inside a poptart?

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Just started re-watching The Wire again.

i’m finally finishing the fifth season. oh avon, you’re no omar, but your face is still funny

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i love these!

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my cannes boys luke, jonathan, and bryce made this. it is so them. will someone please pay them so they can just make things that bring smiles to peoples’ faces all day long?


Download this little badass to customize your Mac log-in screen. I used Ravissant to add contact info to the log-in screen in case some kind-hearted stranger ever finds my little Alphonse lost and alone. You can also drag and drop your own images for the logo and background and change all the text. Oh yeah, and it’s free.

sophia and claire, bravo!

Street Scuba 2: Downtown Athens (via DolphinDiveScuba)


clickety clacking my way through the day.

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